Brown curtains: coffee with milk and chocolate

You can not do without yellow

Mix of orange with blue or red with green forms a rich brown color with a variety of interesting shades: chocolate, coffee, caramel, sand, copper, ocher and a number of stunningly beautiful tones. His preference for classical design is due to the emission of calm but strong energy. In it, the symbolism and wide associative range are hidden. This is due to the natural origin of the brown pigment, which prevails in the coloring of plants and soil. This earthiness gives a sense of stability and, in general, velvet sensations from perception. In addition, the chocolate-cream gamma is subconsciously identified with a shelter and a cosiness and promotes concentration.

These are weighty arguments for the monopoly of Wenge in cabinets with wooden panels, massive furniture and leather chairs. At the same time, it is self-sufficient and does not require for draping intricate models like lambrequins or multi-layered fabrics. Exactly flowing canvases stylishly emphasize the solid interior and sound finish of the room. The problem of the appropriateness of the decor is solved by picking up with gold brushes, simultaneously determining the status, and introducing warmth into the business environment.

In the depths of the cabinet Classics in the interior Window decoration Home cosiness

In addition to the conservative design of the cabinets, fashion trends offer these shades for exploitation in the design of the house. Practical colors will perfectly decorate any of the rooms. Calm brown range provides visual neutrality, and serves as an ideal background for creativity. Since the reed in all its manifestations is actively involved in nature, it is not difficult to make an interior of wood and natural decor items. To such a complete set it is necessary to add plants in a tub, and chocolate-beige curtains organically merge with a common background.

In the range of natural shades Brown-yellow harmony

It is clear that the Victorian style or Biedermeier without cappuccino, hot chocolate or black tea will not do. To the colors of caramel, melted milk, country and provence are tightened. Worship to nature and a passion for natural content corresponds to the conceptual ideas of Japanese design and ethnic orientations. Surprisingly, the color of Coca Cola is used in the one-sided space of today's interiors.

Room in calm colors Brown Harmony

It would seem that a cozy color a priori is not the place in cold minimalist decisions. It seems that the designers have a different opinion on this matter. They proved by examples how appropriate the brown drapery of the windows in the sad lack of fence of the walls, correctly placing the color accents.

The modest palette is best blended with semi-transparent textures of cinnamon, copper or ocher flowers. In solidarity with the yellow cornice, they are capable of flashing golden flashes of a red and light shadow to reflect them on a light plane. They will be helped to express accompanying attributes, for example, "bronze" pots for plants, picture frames. And if there are a lot of photos and good furniture in the room, curtains of their coarse linen on a wooden or forged cornice will complete the stylistic idea.


All in Drapery from above

All in chocolate"

Curtains in the brown range are successfully used in the medium in the absence of color duplication. The only condition - window draping should not be taken separately and fall out of the general context. For example, in an active black and white design, a reed will also be appropriate, and will bring warm notes to achromatic monotony.

In small rooms, the dark scale will seem gloomy, if you do not use the curtains in a duet with a light muslin, organza, or attract a fashionable "clipped" tulle for the company, leveling the visual effect by such a solution. Why in this case will not turn to golden ocher, light caramel and to that "safe" palette, which can not dramatically change the space in the direction of decrease.

White and brown design Under the yellow light Brown restraint

If you think that these combinations are banal, refer to the other colors of the given topic, since there is something to choose from. Most likely, a bold set with active colors will surprise you: red, pale coral, apricot, lime, yellow. This choice is preferable for active people, striving for action and a thirst for a holiday. To get rid of boring monotony, fringe with the inclusion of metallized threads, gold embroidered rims or single yellow hieroglyphs will help.

A little red Add blue and blue You can not do without yellow

In the living room of blue tones, it is appropriate to hang a light-brown taffeta outfit on the windows, attaching it to the chrome cornice with metal rings or hooking the eyelets with eyelets. In the decoration, a ribbon of peppermint or silvery shinyl stripe is welcomed, giving a drapery of refinement.

Stylish curtains Classic combination Against the background of a gentle blue In harmony with blue

Delicious combinations

If you want to focus on curtains, you should create a contrast. Textiles in the tones of invigorating drinks - cocoa, coffee, strong tea, walnut shell and coconut will merge in harmony with the vertical space, decorated in dairy, lavender or endless tenderness of the pastel scale. For example, the scheme is proposed: coffee curtains against a background of pale beige walls with turquoise upholstery of a sofa and a pair of the same accessories. By the way, if you want to "warm" the room - add terracotta or red. In the variant on the contrary - add marsh, mint or khaki.

With a turquoise combination Chocolate with raspberries The beige-brown range

Bitter, milky and hot chocolate is topical for textile design and is presented in many styles. If you prefer strawberries for a dessert in one of the versions of cocoa - this is the theme for you. Pink and wenge in all its manifestations leave a pleasant after taste. The theme of delicacies with bitter taste will be whipped cream. On contrast to the weightlessness of vertical space, a saturated dark tone will be simply flawless. For a more delicate taste, do not forget to add cinnamon to the milkshake. The "raisin" of such curtains will be a light copper rustle, which is reflectively reflected in the glare of the sun. At the same time, it will give a shade of bright walls and enliven the space.

In the neighborhood with the "caramel" surface (cream, cream, etc.), dark curtains in full force demonstrate the richness and beauty of color. At the same time they will be in agreement with the green (marsh) or light-violet wallpaper, not glossy, combined with the shiny curtains of the curtains.

It is advisable to avoid reed and similar dark paints in the nursery, replacing them with "coffee with milk", beige or a shade of red henna. Sandstones on the background of olive and white walls for the boy's bedroom are ready to compete with the usual blue-and-blue choice.

In warm colors

Transparent solution

For the decoration of windows, the translucent veil, kapron or organza are relevant, creating an impression of light design understatement. They successfully keep the intensity of the sun during the day, and let in the glare of the night city. If you find this solution simple - decorate them with festoons made of taffeta, satin ribbons, loose beads or strasses. Another layer of muslin, differing by a tone or two from the main one, thrown over the cornice or flowing freely along the dominant canvas, will unobtrusively give volume and effect. Take a sample of black and milk chocolate. This solution is also optimal for bay windows.

Who advocates intensive daylight, leave the glass free. The problem can be solved by lateral pick-ups or decorating only the upper part of the high ceiling.

To protect yourself from the aggression of the summer heat and intense light flux will help design in the form of roll or Roman curtains. The latter look amazingly beautiful in color coincidence with sofa cushions, accessories and carpet. They are necessarily accompanied by curtains in one key with upholstery upholstery. If at the same time there are bands or a pattern on them that coincides in color with a laconic construction, the ensemble will turn out luxurious.

Cozy living room Brown Organza Transparent curtains

Let's go to the bedroom

Relax and escape from the usual worries will help the bedroom in the frame of dark curtains. In small rooms it is better to prefer a curtain duo, relying on a transparent weightlessness of tulle in the daytime, and in the evening - to create a peaceful atmosphere by dense shading. Smooth impression of saturation of the facades of light furniture, a large mirror and transparent lamps.

If you prefer light bedrooms for a bedroom, but close-fitting fabrics look closely at the satin. The polyester structure is made in an interesting interlacing technique, reminiscent of the smoothness of silk and the dullness of the atlas. Excellent diffuses light, has a solid base, easily draped. Wenge curtains wonderfully dilute the wide satin beige ribbon sewn at the bottom, from which you can make and pick up.

Chocolate interior can be refreshed if desired. One of the proposals - curtains with a yellow or turquoise geometry of prints. Decorative move can be confirmed with similar pillows and interior trinkets. In harmony, the gray-blue scheme will convince with attraction of the third one - golden color. Chic will provide a satin border to the tulle in a duet with yellow curtains.

Curtains made of jacquard chenille in coffee-milk execution are amazingly beautiful and ideal for a bedroom. The complex principle of a woven pattern and color saturation does not require local accents. Brown color will help to calm down, restore inner balance and sleep. This is exactly what is lacking. Choosing a "tasty" range simultaneously solves two problems: comfortable rest and beautiful decor.

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