The interior of the room with a piano or grand piano – lots of inspirational ideas

Interior of the room with grand piano

We bring to your attention a selection of design projects for the living room and other rooms in which the grand piano or piano is located. Interesting design solutions, bold receptions, an original choice of colors and textures - many inspiring design rooms for recreation and creative work at your disposal, scoop up ideas for your own repair or reconstruction of the room with a musical instrument.

Living room with a musical instrument

It is obvious that the piano takes up a lot of space in the room and it's better to plan its installation in advance, at the repair stage. But if it turned out that a musical instrument of impressive size will be integrated into the finished interior, then try to choose a place by the window or near stationary sources of artificial light. If this option is not possible, then it will be necessary to take care of providing the music zone with a sufficient level of local illumination with the help of floor or table lamps.

Grand piano in the living room

In the bright and spacious living room, there was a suitable place by the large window. The black color of the piano is contrasted in the interior of pastel tones. Color solutions of the living room are pacified and adjusted to a calm mood so that in a good mood you can talk, look at the fire in the fireplace and listen to music. With the help of accentuated spots in the color of the young foliage, the neutral interior is not only diluted, but also optimistic.

Grand piano and bright living room

In a snow-white living room, where only a view from the window fills the room with azure radiance, a black grand piano with glossy surfaces has become a real focal point of attraction for all eyes. Snow-white furnishings, huge windows, glass surfaces - everything in the room is filled with air, cleanliness and spaciousness.

In a snow-white atmosphere

Another example of a snow-white living room, in which the piano has become not just a focal point, but the most accentuated spot in the interior. The black color of the grand piano is dosed, with small glare repeats in the decor elements and accessories of the rest room.


For the original interior of the common room was needed and no less unique design of the musical instrument. Combinatorics of light and dark wood, matte and glossy surfaces in the design of the grand piano are very organically looked in a snow-white room with a whole composition of pendant lamps with black shades. With a huge corner sofa, covered with green leather upholstery, with concrete floors and original table-stands.

Unusual design

In an eclectic living room with a large fireplace, original furnishings and unusual decor, the piano is not immediately noticeable, its natural shade is perfectly integrated into the overall ocher-orange color palette of the room. The attic of wooden products is repeated in several areas of the living room, creating a harmonious and balanced environment for rest, conversation and listening to music.

Original interior

The architecture of some rooms, as if specially intended to install a musical instrument - the bay window in the living room was the ideal place for a black grand piano. The classical-style living room with a neutral color palette, modest furnishings, exquisite furnishings and elegant decor seems to be specially created for the sounds of live music.

In classic style

In the living room with a lot of interesting design solutions, color combinations and unusual decor, the grand piano, standing at the large three-section arched window, is not immediately noticeable. An incredible Baroque style mix with modern stylistics created not just a unique living room design, but a room-museum for a long and careful study and examination.


In the decadent atmosphere of the drawing-room, the grand piano looks more than appropriate, it seems that the entire furnishing of the room is created exclusively for him. Finishing, furnishing and decor with art nouveau motifs have become a beautiful decoration and background for a musical instrument.

Art Nouveau

In the living room, located in a country house, decorated with wood and stone in a modern style, the black glitter of the piano looks very organic. What could be better than rest outside the city, in a cozy and comfortable room for relaxation with a fireplace? Only live music and dancing fiery flame in the hearth.

Country Living Room

The wooden polished grand piano on carved legs became the center of attraction in the living room, despite the bright print of the curtains, the original decor and lighting fixtures.

With bright prints

Piano in the room for relaxation - a highlight of the interior

Unlike a grand piano, the piano occupies considerably less space, can be compactly placed at one of the walls of the room, but also needs a sufficient level of illumination, so it is often located at the window. In the original living room with a dark blue finish and unusual upholstery upholstery for gloss and gloss, in addition to the lacquered surface of the piano, "answer" unusual floor lamps with a lot of hanging decorative glass elements, original tables-stands with mirror surfaces and unusual glass pedestals.

In the blue interior

In the living room, decorated in Scandinavian style, the retro-model piano fit very organically. Against the backdrop of a neutral finish, not only the dark furnishings, but also the decor elements, accessories are especially impressive.

Piano in the living room

In the recreation room, decorated in many shades of gray, the rich woody tone of the piano has become an island of natural warmth. Specially created to order storage system in a snow-white tone has become an excellent frame for a musical instrument.

Piano-focus center

In the living room with the original design, there is very little space for a compact piano, the black gloss of which was repeated in the decor and furnishing of the room. In a spacious room, a roomy sofa can accommodate many music lovers, and a non-trivial setting will be a perfect background for creating a positive attitude.

In the spacious living room

In the "juicy", summer interior of the living room, the piano acts as the only dark spot. Only the frames for the photo and curtain rods "support" the dark tonality. Bright textiles and colorful decor of the room against the background of neutral finish, allowed to create a positive and even festive atmosphere of the living room interior.

Colorful living room

The modern interior of the living room attracts the eye not only thanks to the musical instrument, but also the original execution of the fireplace, incredibly geometric furnishings, the skillful use of glass and mirror surfaces, an interesting lighting solution and an original decor.

Fireplace and piano

Bright execution of the living room in red-terracotta tones will not allow anyone to pass by such an interior. The saturated, colorful design keeps the present in its tone all the time, it is possible that the musician from his music expects this effect. The interior is actively used wooden surfaces, and the piano among other elements of the bright interior looks very organic.

Bright design

Separate room for music creation

Within the framework of country houses and private urban homes, it is often possible to equip a separate room for music and small home concerts. For such rooms or zones in spacious rooms, the main and often the only thing in the interior becomes a tool. For the convenience of the listeners are placed comfortable chairs or small sofas.

Room for music

In a separate zone for music, separated from the main room is very conditional, the only object of the interior is a dark grand piano. It is this color that is present in the design of the edging and supporting supports throughout the space. Only the landscape on the wall dilutes the contrasting situation of the room.

Space for the piano

For many musicians, it is important that the environment around the instrument is neutral, not distracted from the creative process. Light decoration, modest decor and complete lack of furniture - a neutral version of the interior of the music studio for creative personalities.

Music Workshop

Another example of a separate room for practicing music and setting up private mini-concerts. A spacious room with snow-white decoration is diluted only by bright spots of doorways. Modest furnishings in the form of armchairs with leather upholstery harmoniously combined with the grand piano design.

Spacious room for music

The music studio is an excellent place for collecting collectibles. If such a decor can not be placed on the walls, then you can use open shelves or entire racks, depending on the type of items in the collection. In this case, the bright finish of the room, in neutral colors will be an ideal option. The emphasis on the musical instrument and the accompanying attributes will be most expressive.

Rehearsal room

Asymmetric room with large windows, light decoration and fireplace was an excellent option for setting up a music workshop. There is nothing superfluous in the room, but the ambience is luxurious.

Classical furnishings

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