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The original spectacular and simply beautiful house is the dream of any person! However, in order to bring the existing structure into the proper form, one must not only invest in it a huge amount of money, but also fantasies and forces. Of course, it is much easier for the owners of urban apartments to bring their housing in order - did a smart repair and you can enjoy life, but private owners houses a lot more trouble. The combination of light brick and dark roof Original style of decoration of the houseIn addition to decorating inside, you need to take care of the exterior, which must match both the status and tastes and abilities of a person. This includes both the exterior decoration of the building and the decoration of the entire adjoining territory.

For many centuries, even despite today's progress and the rapid development of the construction industry, the favorite among a huge number of finishing materials remains a brick. And that is a perfectly logical explanation. Small house made of bricks Exterior of a two-story house

The buildings, lined with brickwork, are considered durable and monumental. The service life of such a building without reconstruction and major repairs can be 100 - 150 years. Brick is considered an environmentally friendly material, which is not afraid of pathogenic microorganisms, no harmful insects, no temperature changes. Another important advantage that is especially valuable in a noisy city is the excellent sound insulation.

By the minuses of this type of decoration can be attributed only the cost of bricks and the laboriousness of construction work. Fence in the tone of the facings of the house Original decoration of the flowerbed in the yard

Despite the fact that brick is used in construction for more than one century, this material not only in quality, but also in appearance will give odds to any newfangled design of the building. And the availability of a wide range with a huge number of colors and textures of the front side of the brick allows it to be used to create absolutely any style of the facade. Chalet style chalet Original decoration of the roof

One of the most luxurious styles of brick houses is Baroque. Complex designs with bends and different columns give the exteriors a truly majestic look. This design of the building is suitable for those people who are not attracted by everyday life, which likes individuality and eccentricity.

Romantics by right will appreciate the gothic or castle notes in the design of their homes. Huge windows, high vaults and towering towers from which the secrets and legends breathe can not leave anyone indifferent. However, it is worth noting that the exterior in this case should be complemented by appropriate landscape design, and the structure itself has a large area, otherwise the fairy tale will be a tiny parody.

People who are not tempted by newfangled trends and who still remain connoisseurs and keepers of traditions are ideal brick houses in the classical style. Such structures are alien to the combination of bricks with modern materials. And the correctness of proportions and sizes is the main rule of the exterior.

Another fairly quiet style of decoration of the facade of a brick house is Art Nouveau. Smooth and at the same time quite complex architectural lines with floral patterns or ornaments make the house really cozy and nice. A large lawn near the house


Small brick houseFor those who simply can not imagine their life without modern pathos, an excellent option will be a house in the style of high-tech. It is here that you can bring to life the most daring fantasies and erect brick buildings in combination with glass and metal elements. Various technological novelties and intricate almost cosmic forms of the structure will emphasize the individuality of the owner and will make the exterior look original and attractive.

It would seem that it is difficult to choose the color of the exterior of the house !? But it is the color solution for many hosts that becomes a dead end issue. It is clear that personal taste preferences play a significant role here, but it is worth considering the fact that due to color, as well as in the design of the interior space, you can change the visual perception of the structure. The combination of white and red in the decoration of the house Combinations of brick mélange and gray plaster

So, for example, light sandy shades of baked brick large bulky building will make it easier. The natural yellow color will ideally be combined with the dark color of the doors and roof windows. White brick in combination with a black or dark gray roof will give the building an elegance and austerity, while red and brown bricks will cause associations of the old manor and thereby make the exterior very calm and cozy. House illumination at home House made of brown bricks

Speaking of color, we can not fail to mention such a technique as masonry, when a tinted brick is used to erect a building. Already during the work you can see how a unique image of the house, resembling a melange fabric, is looming.

A fairly common technique used by bricklayers is the combination of two shades of bricks. Usually a darker color is used to decorate the corners and frame the windows. For this purpose, you can take not just another shade, but also a textured brick, which will make the building even more expressive.

The appearance of the building is his face, on which you can see not only the taste preferences of the owner, but also his position, consistency and even some character traits. That is why in many respects the formation of the first impression of a person depends on the appearance of his home. A brick is one of the most popular and reliable building materials, using which you can create a unique artistic image of your house. Exterior of a small house

It should also be remembered that it is not enough to erect only a beautiful brick house to decorate the exterior. In order to ensure that the whole plot together with the structure looks well-groomed and well-designed, one should also take care of the adjacent territory and choose the appropriate variant of landscape design for it.

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