Glass coffee table in the interior

Coffee table in the living room interior

In our country it is customary to call a small coffee table small tables, which are most often present in the interior of the living rooms. Abroad, the term "coffee table" prevails. Obviously, it is possible to have newspapers, magazines, books, dishes and much more on the countertop of such a stand. But in a modern interior, a coffee or coffee table has long not only a functional but also an aesthetic load, often becoming one of the key design elements. Choosing a table in appearance is common for modern owners of apartments and private houses. In this regard, the popularity of coffee tables made with glass is not surprising. A wide range of models made in different styles, using combination with other materials, a huge choice of sizes and shapes - all this makes it possible to equip a coffee table with a wide variety of facilities.

Original coffee table

Table with rounded edges

If our ancestors could hardly imagine the use of glass furniture because of its high cost and the danger of use in living quarters, we can easily use the gifts of progress. Modern glass countertops are absolutely safe. They are made only from tempered glass with a thickness of approximately 8-10 mm. Such a product possesses high technological properties, is resistant to impacts and mechanical influences. You will have to work hard to break such a tabletop, but even in this case a person can not get injured by debris, thanks to a protective film that securely holds pieces of glass.

In the living room with grand piano

Unusual shape

Traditional Design

But not only the possibility of safe use attracts a modern buyer, because a wooden table will not cause any harm to the owners. But to create a completely lightweight, almost weightless image is capable of only a product made of transparent glass. Almost dissipating in the interior, such pieces of furniture contribute to the creation of a fresh and light interior even in modestly sized rooms.

For a small living room


Laconic design

Another advantage of glass coffee tables is that it is easily combined with other materials in the interior. Due to its aesthetic qualities, glass can be easily integrated into the interior, designed in almost any style. If a coffee table made entirely of glass is perfectly integrated into modern interior styles, then combinations of this transparent raw material with other types of materials (wood, metal, plastic, vines, rattan) will be an ornament of other stylistic directions in the design of the premises.

The original socle table

For a spacious living room

Coffee table as an accent

Coffee glass table - a variety of shapes and sizes

The modern range of coffee tables offers us a lot of variations on the theme of the shapes and sizes of their performance. Depending on the scale of the room in which you want to introduce the coffee table, the stylistic execution of the interior and your personal preferences, you can find the best option for this piece of furniture. The classic variation of the coffee table is a rectangular shape (less often square). Such models often have a height of 40-50 cm and harmoniously fit into virtually any interior of the room. From the east, we have a fashion for quite low coffee tables, which are often performed either completely without legs (the platform is the base, it also serves as a storage system) or on very low straight legs.

Table with a dark frame

Rectangular table

Two-tier construction

Simplicity of execution

There is a definite relationship between the height of the legs and the size of the tabletop at the coffee tables. The higher the table is located above the floor, the smaller it may be in the size of the table top. Depending on the size of the room itself and the amount of free space allocated for the coffee table installation, you can choose a suitable model for the parameters.

With gilded legs

Scale Model

For a modern living room

If the room of your living room, and most often a coffee table can be seen in these rooms, is of modest size, it is better to prefer a compact round or oval table. Such a form will ensure the safety of the movement of household members even with a very close lay-out. In addition, smooth shapes, rounded lines bring harmony to the interior, soften not only the image of the room, but also its character.

Oval coffee table

Round shapes

Table with round table top

Compact round table

Round coffee table

Whichever form the coffee table is, it is obvious that having a plane serving as a base or a shelf becomes an additional option for storing items that need to be kept, as it is called at hand. Most often the base or additional plane is made of the same material as the table top - made of glass. But here the upper part can be decorated with a pattern or executed in a matte version.

Island table

Table as a storage system

Two-level model

Spacious design

Unusual solution

At present, the imagination of designers is not limited. Perform a coffee table in a fantasy form, the asymmetric version of nothing prevents. If you decide that the coffee table in your living room will be a difficult functional island, but also an accent, the focal point of the interior around which the entire layout is built, the original shape of the piece of furniture can contribute a lot.

Table in the form of a polyhedron

Elegant legs

Creative design

Designers always stand for symmetry in the interior, in particular, when it comes to traditional styles of decoration of premises. The easiest way to keep the symmetry with the help of paired elements of the interior - two chairs in the recreation area, a pair of floor lamps on the outside of the sofa or table lamps on the table-stands. It is not surprising that a "coffee break" is possible for a coffee table. Two identical little tables can become not only a spectacular decoration of the living room, but also replenish the set of its own functionality. Moving two tables, you get a large enough base, which will help to hold a party or a get-together with a treat.

Preserving the symmetry

A pair of coffee tables

Original couple

A complex of two coffee tables

Concurrent performance

Symmetrical layout

Two tables of the same model can have different sizes. To save space, a smaller table is placed under a large table. If necessary, for example, during the reception of guests, both coffee tables perform their basic functions. Another option for the integration of a pair of coffee tables is the use of one model, but in different versions of the material of execution. The glass and wooden tables of absolutely identical appearance will look original, not to mention the performance of their basic functionality.

Rational use of space

In a modern style

Harmonious trio

From foreign design projects to the market of domestic design of interiors came the following method of saving the useful space of premises. A soft ottoman or a large puff is located under a coffee table. On weekdays, the table is used for its main purpose, and on weekends or during the reception of guests, the ottoman can be used to increase the number of seats or as the same table-stand, if you use the serving on trays.

Ottoman under the table

Harmonious and functional union

Universal Union 2 in 1

Coffee table from glass - we combine materials

With the phrase "glass coffee table" we often imagine a piece of furniture with a glass top. In this case, it can have legs, a frame or a large base-socle made of a different material - from metal to treated wooden hemp. But recently, the most popular models are made entirely of glass. Laconic design, simplicity of execution and universal appearance become the guarantee of harmonious integration practically in any interior.

Coffee table from glass

Glass coffee table in the interior

Stand only of glass

In the living room, decorated in one of the modern style, the glass table, made of a single sheet, bent in a certain way, looks incredibly organic. Owners of modest premises prefer this model also because the table seems to dissolve in space, not cluttering up the image of the room, adding lightness and even weightlessness to its appearance.

Designer model

Transparent piece of furniture

Glass Island

The coffee table, made only of glass, most often becomes a difficult stand, but also made a neutral background for the elements that will create certain accents in the interior. A large book with a bright cover, a vase of flowers, a dish of fruit or an exhibition of collectibles - the aesthetic qualities of a table in this case are pushed into the background, giving way to utilitarianism.

Glass table as a background

Transparent stand

Glass for classical style

The traditional variant of combining glass in the coffee table is the use of wood (or its spectacular counterparts). A framework made of wood of any kind will look organically with a glass top. Especially if this natural wood pattern is already available in the performance of another room furnishing. Depending on the design of the table with a wooden frame, you can decorate it as a classic living room, and a room in the style of country.

With wooden frame

Original base

Another option of combining glass with wood is to use as a socle a seemingly unworked tree that looks like a whimsical stump. A little natural warmth at the bottom of the table contrasts with the coolness of the glass countertop, filling even the most ordinary drawing room with individuality, creativity.

Unusual basement

Unusual performance

Another variation of the original version of the socle is the use of deer horns, twigs or other natural elements in combination with a glass countertop. Such a table will not go unnoticed and bring originality to any interior.

Glass top and wooden base

Creative model

A coffee table with a glass top and metal frame is also a very popular and versatile option for equipping the living room (bedroom, boudoir, office and even library) with a functional island with an attractive appearance. Depending on the design of the frame of the metal frame, the table can be integrated into the rooms, decorated in different styles. Simple and concise solutions (straight legs, frame without decor) - an option for a living room in a modern style or country versions. Curved legs, decorative forged elements on the body, often a picture on the table top - a coffee table for classical or baroque variations of the interior.

Traditional model

In the bright living room

In traditional style

Glass top and chrome legs or frame - ideal for modern stylistics when decorating the living room. Glass surfaces let light through, creating the illusion of weightlessness, the mirrors reflect it perfectly and visually increase space - a harmonious union for the modern interior.

Glass and chrome

With shiny legs

For an eclectic living room

Unusual table performance

Luster of chrome legs

The advantage of small coffee tables in their mobility. You can easily remove this piece of furniture against the wall if you need to make room, for example, for dancing. Or set a coffee table in the place of the main group of guests, household members. Portability of the coffee table increases with the use of wheels as an alternative to the legs. Such a piece of furniture not only has excellent mobility, but also looks original, bringing a highlight to the interior.

Table on wheels

Original base on wheels

Portable table

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