Majestic and solemn columns in the interior

Columns in the interior

Column - the personification of classical and ancient architecture. Many people are wondering why the columns in the interior still have not lost their popularity, but, on the contrary, attracts both architects and designers alike. As for historical interiors, the columns were used exclusively for support. Today they basically play a purely decorative role. Although, in some cases, the columns are used to hide communications, because represent the best way. And it's better to use double columns or pairs in the interior, i.e. in the room can be present at once two or three pairs, it is possible and more, it all depends on the area of ​​the room.

In what interior columns are used

It is not difficult to guess that the columns are used in those houses that resemble castles and palaces and are executed in a luxurious royal style. Only then will the columns look majestic, solemn and proud, and the dwelling will assume the image of classical beauty. However, in modern interiors the columns are also used, because now there is a huge variety in the choice of their shapes, sizes and materials.

Column fabrication materials

Traditional materials, from which the columns were made, were considered such as concrete, granite, marble, etc. In other words, reliable and durable materials. At present, an artificial modified stone is already being used, and the creation processes have been significantly improved, thanks to the rapid development of technology.

Column made of artificial stone

Although, marble columns are still successfully used and represent a very stylish and fashionable accent in the interior, as well as wooden columns.

Interior design with wooden column Luxurious design of wooden living room with wooden columns

Only now the columns have different sizes, configurations and functional purpose. In general, according to the recommendations of designers, the material is determined by the styling and functional purpose of the room. For example, for a bedroom columns of polyurethane foam may well come up, for a living room with a balcony and access to the second floor, a more durable material, such as concrete or basalt, will be needed. in this case, the functional design of the structure is not just decorative, but also serves as a support for maintaining the weight of the balcony, i.e. In this situation, the column is already part of the architectural layout of the building. A material for finishing the surface is chosen based on the design. For example, the classic style of the interior can perfectly suit both the imitation of marble, and just a smooth surface, covered with paint. For the country, stone cladding is wonderful.

Functionality of columns

In addition to decorative functions, the columns can be used for other purposes. For example, for visual correction of the proportions of rooms. Also with their help it is possible to disguise the supporting structure or unattractive communicating constructions, ie, for example, all kinds of pipes that are undesirable to show off. The column in this case represents the best way to mask. Very often they are also used for zoning space.

The composition of the columns is used for zoning the room Zoning of space is made with the help of stone columns


There are a lot of methods for this, for example, it is possible to surround the dining area with columns or by means of a number of columns,

The entrance is decorated with columns Beautiful square pillars decorated the entrance to the house

or the hall.

The luxurious hall is decorated with columns of their artificial stone

And in cases where the design of the house is made from scratch, and the ceiling has an extremely heavy load, the columns, as in the old days, can serve as a considerable support and part of the weight to take over. For visual expansion of space, they also can not be better suited, because they represent nothing more than vertical lines, and hence, as evidenced by law, pull the room up. If you arrange these slender and elegant pillars along the perimeter, the height of the ceilings in the room will be significantly increased. As for the modern interior, using false columns, you can apply practicality and use them, say, as a locker, and if you place the column at the bar, then it can be adapted to a wonderful mini-bar.

The false column used as a locker Columns at the bar counter can be used for a mini bar Design of a bar rack with a column Original design of modern kitchen with column at the bar counter

And yet, in what rooms will the columns be appropriate?

In connection with the variety of shapes, textures, sizes and colors available to date, they are suitable in almost any room. The most common options are stairwells, arched passages, fireplaces, balconies, verandas.

Columns of the staircase and hallway

If you design the interior of the living room with columns, then it is necessary to use pairs, or even better, an entire composition of these decorative elements.

Beautiful interior of the living room with twin columns The door of a pair of columns used for zoning a living room and a billiard room

Moreover, the design with columns is subject not only to the classical style of the interior, but also modern. For example, modern - square columns will look very stylish in such an interior, as well as in the style of high-tech. The columns give the room a solemnity and majesty. They are like exclamation marks, which can not be ignored.

Modern interior with square columns in the aisle Square columns-pledge of stylish design of modern interior
If it's a studio apartment, then with the help of the colonnade you can perfectly separate the kitchen from the dining room

Separation of the kitchen from the dining room with a colonnade

or a corridor from the living room.

Composition of columns - an excellent tool for zoning corridor and living room

To zoning a room with a large area it is enough to only use different columns with different finishes and shapes, but at the same time, with some generality, and any guest who enters you subconsciously will immediately divide space into separate zones - these are the properties of our perception. The main thing that should be remembered is that all elements and components of the interior must be organically combined with each other - this is the basis of any interior design with columns.

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