We choose soft furniture for the living room

Upholstered furniture for living room

The living room is the main room in any dwelling, it is here that the whole family gathers in the evening. In this, as a rule, the most spacious room in the house or apartment gather guests and arrange receptions. The interior of the living room should be ready for any tests. Soft furniture is one of the most important roles in creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Sofas and armchairs, pouffes and soft modules - create not only a soft zone of the living room, but often act as a focal point, around which the whole concept of the living room environment is built. That is why to the choice of soft furniture, all homeowners come up with special care.

Living Room Furniture

Soft furnishings

At present, the assortment of upholstered furniture in stores is so high that it's time to get lost. From the abundance of options for models, textures, upholstery and decor head around. But in addition to aesthetic characteristics, it is necessary to take into account both strength, durability, complexity in care and maintenance.

In gray tones

Removable cushions

Coming to the store, almost 100% of buyers first of all pay attention to the appearance of furniture - the quality of the upholstery, the color range and the decor. Which is very logical, because soft furnishings must correspond to the chosen style in which the drawing room will be decorated or already decorated, it is important to take into account the combinatorics of colors and textures. But in addition to external attributes, there are many pitfalls hidden from the eyes, but they are no less important when choosing a strong and reliable furniture that will serve your family for many years and will please the original appearance, however much it is exploited.

Contrast selection

Let's try to understand together with a difficult question - how to choose comfortable, practical and beautiful furniture for the living room and not ruin the family budget at the same time?


In light colors

Dark shades

The frame of any piece of furniture is considered a design, designed in a certain way to carry the main load during the operation of the product. There are several types of furniture, depending on what material and how the frame is made:

Bright coloring

Small sofa

The most economical, affordable and popular among our compatriots is furniture with a frame made of chipboard. Unfortunately, at an affordable cost, the advantages of this kind of material end. The strength of such furniture leaves much to be desired, environmental friendliness is at a low level - during the operation, elements of glutinous substances involved in the production of chipboard and fiberboard are released into the atmosphere. It is desirable that when using similar materials for individual pieces of furniture (backrests or a pallet of a sofa, an armchair), its main parts (bearing elements) are still made of solid wood of sufficiently dense and high-quality rock.

Classic sofas

For the interior

A better, more durable and presentable option is the furniture, the frame of which was made of a solid mass of wood. Of course, the cost of such furniture will be much higher. It will depend on the type of wood used for the carcass and the quality of upholstery, decor.

Modest situation

For the attic room

An alternative for expensive furniture from solid wood is a frame made of metal. Such pieces of furniture are reliable and durable, do not lose their properties during active use (especially important for furniture with sliding mechanisms).

Frameless furniture

Frameless furniture (or with a hidden frame) is not suitable for every interior, but at a very democratic cost. These are chair-bags (they are "pears"), pouffes and sofas, which are filled with a special filling - loose filler (usually in the form of polystyrene or polystyrene beads).

Furniture made of polyurethane foam

Armchairs or pouffes with a similar filler usually stagnate over time and lose elasticity, but this problem is easily solved - enough to fill the filler (which is sold in any construction stores).

Snow-white sofa

For frameless furniture, you can include chairs and sofas from a single piece of polyurethane foam (PPU). Due to the properties of this material to take any given shape when solidified into a dense substance, it is possible to make different furniture. Usually such furniture is covered with a cloth, and it seems that the interior has no carcass. But it must be taken into account that the seats and the sofas from the PPU should not be too soft, otherwise the construction will very quickly stay, dents will remain.

We choose the upholstery material

The quality, texture and color of the upholstery - not the last argument when choosing upholstered furniture (and for many homeowners, even the first).

Velor upholstery

Textile upholstery

Among the main upholstery materials currently available are the following:

  • textile materials - tapestry, jacquard, flock, velor, chenille;
  • natural leather of various types of dressing and thickness;
  • synthetic skin analogs;
  • furniture fur.

Upholstery made of velor

Modern Furniture

Whichever information about the high quality of the upholstery material is provided by advertising or the consultant in the store tells, it is necessary to personally verify the veracity of this information. Try to check the quality of the material not only on the density, but also to track how much the fabric crumples and stretches after it was crouched or even crouched.

In a light palette

Light beige upholstery

Snow-white upholstery

If you are planning to purchase soft furniture of light colors, then the issue of cleaning will become very acute already during the first month of operation. The best option for upholstery for upholstered furniture in this case is a flock - it does not lose its appearance, color and texture even after repeated cleansing. In contrast to the flock, jacquard usually acts - it is not easy to take care of this fabric, consider this if you have small children or pets (or both).

White and blue

All shades of blue

In addition to the quality, density and color of the fabric, it is important to take into account its burnup when direct sunlight hits. This property does not appear immediately, but it can ruin the impression of buying upholstered furniture that has lost its original color after several months of use. High resistance to sunlight is possessed by the senile fabrics, which preserve the original appearance of the upholstery for a long time.

Leather upholstery

Choosing furniture with upholstery made of genuine leather, pay attention to the dimensions of the pieces and joints. The fewer such connections, the stronger and more durable the upholstery material.

Upholstery leather

The cost of furniture with artificial leather upholstery is much cheaper and at the same time can look so that only a specialist will be able to determine the synthetic origins of the fabric. But it is important to remember that an artificial analogue of the skin has a very low air permeability and is not as durable as a natural material.

Artificial leather

Black skin

Determined with filler

A filler is any synthetic substance that provides softness of sitting or lying on a piece of furniture. The life of a piece of furniture depends directly on the type of filler. Among the main types of fillers, we distinguish the following:

  • polyurethane foam (PPU) in the form of multilayer sandwich or cast billets;
  • latex;
  • hololiber;
  • polystyrene (usually in the form of balls);
  • perihotkas;
  • Springs in combination with different types of filler.

Country style

As mentioned above, when using filler from polyurethane foam, it is important to choose a dense material. Soft PPU for a long time does not last.

Neutral upholstery palette

Motley print

In the conditions of the store it is difficult to check the quality of the production of springs (the processing of the metal from which they are made, the quality of fixing each individual spring), but no one will ask you to ask for a certificate for furniture from consultants.

Neutral colors

Bright sofa

The most durable and durable material for the filler (but unfortunately and the most expensive) is currently considered natural latex. It is foamed and frozen juice of hevea or rubber tree. This filler is recommended for allergy sufferers, because it is an absolutely hypoallergenic material.

Against the background of a brick wall

Relief furnishings

Save space

Once you have decided on the acceptable options for the frame, filler and upholstery furniture, you can go to the most interesting - the choice of models of sofas, armchairs, canapes and ottomans.

Corner furniture

The most popular in the living rooms of our compatriots use corner sofas. Such models are not only capacious, but also able to save a large part of the useful space. Among other things, most of these models can be put into a very capacious bed, which is very convenient in cases where guests stay overnight.

Corner Sofa

When choosing the corner model of the sofa, which is able to transform into a bed, pay special attention to the furniture. From the quality of manufacturing and fastening of sliding mechanisms will depend not only the service life of the furniture, but also the ease of operation.

Modular kit

Among other things, such couches often have ample room for storage of pastel linen, bedspreads and other home textiles.

Sofa Module

Modular upholstered furniture

Slightly popular modular sofas. Their advantage is that with the help of permutation of modules it is possible not only to equip a convenient place for sleeping, but also to diversify the situation of the room with the help of simple and not tedious actions.

Soft island for the living room

In a special group of upholstered furniture, I would like to single out the islands for living rooms - it can be a large soft pouf that is used for sitting or as a footrest, something like a coffee table, but with a soft upholstery on which you can also sit or fold magazines, books .

Soft island

Bright pouf

Frameless pouffes

Soft Center

Soft round pouf

Alternative to the usual sofa in the living room

We bring to your attention several design projects of living rooms, in the furnishing of which the sofa does not participate (in the sense most of us are accustomed to). These are interesting and non-trivial interiors, in which, despite the absence of the main participant in soft furnishings, a comfortable enough seat is provided.

Corner furnishings

The angular arrangement of soft cushions as seats and backs of an improvised sofa, located on a specially designed wide bench, allows not only to save a large amount of space and preserve the spaciousness of the room, but also to bring originality and creativity to the interior.


Tahtah, instead of the familiar sofa, it may not be suitable for every interior. But for fans to read reclining in the living room, just like to taste. In addition, such a piece of furniture retains the lightness of the atmosphere, does not burden the interior of the room.

Unusual furniture

Ottoman instead of sofa

Living-dining room

Leather upholstery of original furniture

And finally, there are some practical tips that can help when choosing upholstered furniture, both for the living room and for any other room:

  • getting a soft strand, pay close attention to the joints. Examine the seams not only for the strength of the threads, but also for the geometricity - the seam should follow one line;
  • sit down or even lie down on a piece of furniture you like to appreciate not only the level of comfort, but also the consequences for the upholstery fabric after your actions;
  • Before buying a folding sofa or an armchair, disassemble and assemble it several times. These actions are necessary not only to ensure the integrity of the mechanism, but also to assess the level of comfort during operation (especially if the furniture is planned to be pushed and moved back often);
  • carefully inspect the furniture for completeness and the presence (absence) of external defects. Remember that when signing papers on the purchase of furniture (usually they say that when inspecting the buyer's external defects is not found), you agree with the fact of the quality of the furnishing and in case of further disputes you will not be entitled to present arguments about the malfunction of the piece of furniture;
  • taking furniture, open and inspect all parts for defects, cracks, loose filler or upholstery, other malfunctions;
  • when transporting furniture it is better to use the services of the seller, in this case the responsibility for the safety and integrity of the furniture will lie with the company. Remember that damage caused by self-delivery of furniture, can not be eliminated or exchanged under warranty.

Spacious sofa

In neutral shades

Asymmetric living room

Living room with fireplace

Original sofas

Traditional setting

Minimalist furnishings

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